Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remove Sheila Jackson Lee

How does Sheila Jackson Lee keep getting re-elected? I understand the lack of desire to vote for a "cookie cutter" Republican Neo-Conservative. Thing is, there are other alternatives.

POINTLESS: Sheila Jackson Lee has not produced a single piece of legislation that has even made it to the floor for a vote. Why, Because the only thing she seems to be interested in is getting legislation to congratulate other leaders for winning elections in other nations and odd-ball legislation to recognize people that have nothing to do with her district or the U.S. Congress!

PATRIOT ACT!: Whether you are for or against the PAT-ACT, you have to be disgusted at SJL's inability to be real with the people. The first time around, she voted for it then complained that it was taking away the rights of the people and that she wasn't allowed proper time to read it before voting for it. When The PAT-ACT came up to be expanded and extended, she not only had the time to read it, she had a chance to propose changes in order to make it less intrusive on American's rights. What did she do? She voted to extend and expand it, after having adequate time to read it. Head spinning, yet?

BAIL-OUTS!: SJL voted for the Bush bail-outs. Those were ill advised bail-outs but she voted for them anyway. Here is a kicker...When the first bail-out bill came up for the Obama administration, she first voted against it, HOWEVER.....she quickly changed her mind when the bill went back to congress and had tons of pork added to it then, once the bail-out bill had enough unrelated crap added to it, she voted for it. I guess the first bill didn't have enough of the tax payers money being wasted for her tastes.

In 2010, please help send this hypocritical member of congress a message. You can't bring yourself to vote for a Republican? Don't! SJL will probably win the election, regardless but, if someone that doesn't even belong to the Republican or Democratic parties were to get an unusually high number of votes, it might just wake up the career politicians that continue talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Vote for Mike Taylor

For real change and true hope.