Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Target, Patriots!

 I would like to apologize for the time between posts. Between work and family, time hasn't been on my side.

 When this season started, I had 4 games that concerned me the most. Those games would be Green Bay, Baltimore, Chicago and New England. Making it through the first 3 or those 4 with only one loss was refreshing.

 This being one of the big games in the AFC for the Texans, it is also my final big concern for the season. Sure, the Texans could drop one against the Colts or the Vikings but those will not be the confidence builders we can see from a shoot out win against Tom Brady in his own house.

 With many people still saying this is a lost cause for the Texans, they MUST go into Foxborough with a huge chip on their shoulders. There are things that can be done to help keep things moving in the right direction for Houston.

 The first thing is, stop the pass! Brady is an 'air strike commander'. I have little concern with the Texans ability to choke New England's run game to a meaningless effort but the air game is a completely different story, all-together.

 J-Joe must be healthy. If this is not the case, Jackson will have to cover Welker and the Safeties will have to work to help the less experienced corners along with the ILBs to cover New England's impressive tight end corps..

 The front 5 on the defense will need to cover the run, as usual, and find a way to not just pressure but bring down Brady. Brady can work under pressure pretty well so just 'giving him a hard time' will not disrupt his game as it would a lesser experienced QB. He needs to find himself getting up off his butt early and often.

 Besides the defensive side of he ball, Houston will need to stack up the points. Head for the end-zone at every opportunity with whatever tools are available in which to get there. I know Houston is well known for it's running game but in the case,  they need to put on a display with their receivers and tight ends.

 Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels and Arian Foster need to have the game of their lives to make sure this New England team cannot out score them.

 In short, I am still hearing a lot of people saying the Texans can't win this game. I'd sure enjoy those people being proved wrong.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texans need to reboot the Defense for the season

 (Be sure to read comments on Mr. Rogers toward the end of this post.)

 I have one name that comes to mind.....Bryan Brahman

 With Cushing out for the season the Texans D still has a lot of experience but what I see as a weak point is the intensity that 'Cush' brought to the field. One thing I saw, even from last season, is that Brahman has the young intensity that any team would be crazy not to use, especially when losing someone like Cushing.

 Dobbins has been around and I don't want to take anything away from him as a vet and someone that has played under Phillips in the past. I have to say, though, I am not sure if he is the starter the Texans need to replace the intensity that Cushing brought to the team, on the field.

 With JJ Watt burning up the line, It's my opinion that Bradie James, who probably has the most knowledge of Wade's defense, hold the roll of play caller while having high motor youngsters like Watt and Brahman running around like mad-men putting fright in the hearts of opposing offenses. Mix up the experience and youth to get the best of both worlds. Most of all, have fun.

 One thing I would like to add to this post is the comments made by Rogers after the end of Sunday night football. I should probably say the lack of comment made. When asked about the game, he completely shunned his opposing team. Talked up how he was still great and how his team made great plays but....um... did he not recall the pressure brought on? Did he not recall hitting the ground a few times and even losing his helmet when going down at one point?

 My question to Mr. Rogers is, why couldn't you acknowledge the play of the defense that kept you on the run? When I played football, or any sport for that matter, there was always acknowledgement of the other team and anything good they may have done, even if it was a blow out. That's just good sportsmanship. I appreciate the history and legacy of the Green Bay organization. I cannot take that away from them. Though Rogers shows to be an efficient player, I can't say I appreciate his apparent lack of sportsmanship and professionalism.

I understand that Rogers was not happy about his critics and anyone who's ever played any form of sport will know that everyone goes through a slump or just has a few bad days from time-to-time. So, I can respect and understand Rogers sending a message to those people but to, seemingly, disrespect the team he just won against in the process? Not sure it was intended that way but it sure came across that way to me.

 As always, I'm just calling it as I see it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Andre Johnson is still elite

 There has been talk lately that No. 80 might not be the same player he once was. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that Mr. Johnson is every bit the player he has ever been. As an avid Texans fan, I might be taken as a biased source but being such a fan means I watch the players and see what they do.

 There are multiple factors in the, perceived, loss of productivity. Some are things that would eventually happen with any given elite player in a professional sports team. Others can be attributed to team evolution.

 A player that has been around for almost a decade cannot escape the film that follows him through the years. Johnson has so much film on him, the inevitable has come to fruition. Coaches have found a way to cover his style of play. It's obvious for anyone who has ever played and/or coached the game that defenses are covering elite players, such as Andre Johnson, in ways that even the greatest would have trouble with. Attacking a player from multiple angles in double and triple coverage will cause a loss of productivity from that player, regardless their elite status.

 Another thing to note when wondering about lost productivity is the need to go to someone in double or triple coverage. The Texans offense have evolved into a well rounded system that doesn't rely on any given player or position as they were forced to do in the past. The talent available in the passing game this year is greater than at any given time in the history of the franchise.

 Every team expects Johnson to be the main target for the long ball. Thing is, he's is no longer the only field stretcher on the team. Kevin Walter has upped his play making him a greater threat. Now add new young speedsters  like Jean, Martin and Posey an you have a field that is not only stretched North/South but also East/West. With everyone expecting the ball to go to Johnson's side of the field, Schaub isn't given much choice but to go to the other side or even go shorter to Daniels, Graham or Casey. Too many options when your best guy is covered like a baby with a king size blanket.

 All-in-all, if the Texans want to start helping Andre Johnson get back to the 1100+ yards seasons he's had in the past, they need to stack the opposite side of the field to force loose coverage on their star receiver. If defenses are forced to cover 2 wide outs, a tight end and possibly a halfback on one side of the field, they'll have to leave the star open to cover them.

Summing things up, Andre Johnson obviously still has plenty of gas in the tank, the team just needs to clean the filters so he can run at optimum performance. The man still has another 4 to 5 years before reaching his physical peak.

Friday, October 05, 2012

I'm still around

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for a while. Family and work are preventing me from hoping much here. Would be nice if I could live off doing my blog so I could concentrate more on important things like football but......as is life.

If nothing else, I'll drop a few quick obvious observations and hopefully get a chance to do some proper reviews in the near future.

JJ Watt is killing everything holding a ball. Schaub is doing a great job of spreading the ball around. Though still playing like a young rookie, Keshawn Martin is playing better receiver than Jones did. We need to fix the run game and that might have a little to do with the right side of the line. I expect that to smooth out as the season progresses, though.

Hope everyone is enjoying the 2012 Bulls on Parade. And, sorry again for this crappy post. Will work on a better article with my normal or above average substance, soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3-4 defense on the move in 2012, or not.

  It's been well established that Pittsburgh will be using a 3-4 defense in 2012 as they have been using that scheme since 1982, without fail. It has worked well for them. During the 1990s and into the earlier part of the the new century the 3-4 had faded away to near extinction. Well, it has returned with a vengeance.

  The top three defenses of the 2011 season were all running a 3-4 scheme (Steelers, Texans and Ravens, respectively). The Steelers defense most recently have been lead by Hall of Famer Dick LeBeau. The man obviously knows his stuff. LeBeau lead one of the better defenses of the 1980s, the Bengals. I would look for the Steelers to remain a top 5 defenses in 2012.

  The Texans started running under the legendary Wade Phillips in 2011 and will continue in 2012, even after concern he might take a head coaching job somewhere else. The Texans defense adapted very well to the 3-4 and ended the 2011 season 2nd overall in Defense. Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I am rather partial to the Texans but I think others will agree that the Texans ending in the top 5 Ds in the NFL is a high probability for 2012.

  The Ravens defensive team speak for themselves. These guys are total professionals and any defensive coordinator would love to have this group to work with. Rex Ryan started these guys on the path to the 3-4 and they have stayed with it since. Granted, the powerhouses of the Ravens defense is getting along in age but they still  have a lot to fear if you are an offense going up against them. If Reed can stay healthy, the long ball will be difficult for anyone sharing a field with these guys. True masters of the 3-4.

  You can't talk about about a 3-4 defense without having something on the Ryan family. Buddy Ryan is another 3-4 legend and being from Houston I can't help but put this out here. Ryan made the Oilers a top 3 defense while he was here. Wade was replaced in Dallas by Rob Ryan and runs Buddy's playbook but I cannot lie, I'm not sure Rob has the instincts his father had. I know I'll get some backlash from people talking about the Ryan boys but both the Ryan sons picked up from their dad (Buddy) how to design and build a good 3-4 playbook but, with the exception of Rex's time with the Ravens, neither of them have been able to implement their 3-4 as well as dear old dad.

  Rex might do well to leave the Offense of the Jets to someone better fit to build an offense and change his group from the 4-3 to a 3-4 if he wants to prove his guys the "better team".

  Like I said, I expect some backlash over some of the commentary here but guys, I have to call it as I see it.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back to business

 Took some time off during the draft and trades that followed 'cause well, one more commentator on all that would have been too much to handle. After all, who really made accurate predictions during that time? Sure, there were obvious moves after the draft and surprise landings for some that were simply let go.

 Though I still think we should have kept him and moved him to the other side of the ball (as a corner) where he would have had the best impact on the field, Jacoby Jones has officially been released by the Texans and signed with play-off rivals, the Ravens. Some Ravens fans seemed excited about the move as they are short in play making talent in the WR and return positions. I wish Jacoby the best of luck as he did land with a respectable team.

 On too the young guys. We fans will have to learn the new players this year. With 8 draft picks and several undrafted FAs moving around the field and sidelines, we will need to learn more than just names but the players. Many Texan fans, myself included, have great expectations for the 2012 team with the pickups in free agency and the draft. The players just need to show us who they are.

 Mercilus looks to be a driving force on the defense and will help keep the pass rush fresh on the field while striking fear into the eyes of just about any QB in the league. We already know who we have from last season so let's keep an eye on the additions. Brady James might not be a rookie but he is new to the team. We all know his potential and adding him to the mix should prove a devastating supplement to existing talent. Having Crick's availability tossed into the mix, QBs and RBs will have a rough time of getting anything out of the backfield. J-Joe might get bored if a ball can't make it out of the passers hand. I feel good about the Texans D going into the 2012 season.

 The offense looks to have made some positive changes, as well. Most notably would be at the WR position. Posey has shown the capacity to make big plays in his college years. Though he has hit a few off field bumps in the road to the NFL, I can't see where those will affect his game play or team interaction as he has a solid record of being a team player and doing what is needed on the field to help, not only himself but, his team. He seems to be a selfless man that thinks about those around him above himself. The man risked his future to help his mother. After doing so, he also worked to help improve his team even though he was not allowed to participate on game day. Good skills + good character = solid long term player willing to do what it takes to make the team a success. Can't complain about this guys being brought in even though I know some still question him as a result of his senior year suspension. Sometimes, we have to look past the headlines to get the real story.

 The draft picks beyond who I've mentioned so far are not to be missed. Martin, though not the size we are use to seeing on the Texans WR roster, has insane moves with agility to make a great additions to the receiver corp and return games. Martin along with Brooks, Jones and Mondek will be welcomed addition for competition and depth on the offensive side of the ball. With the front line power coupled with speed and agility moving down field, the Texans 2012 offense looks to be a dominant part of the league in the coming season.

 Overall, I have a good deal of confidence in the Texans 2012 season. The potential there is staggering. I also wish to say welcome and good luck in your first year as a Texan. We, the fans, look forward to getting to know you guys.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Before draft review of the new season

 The Texans schedule for 2012 looks a bit tougher than that of 2011 but not by much. I can see a similar, if not better overall win ratio over the 2011 season even with the loss of high profile and well respected players. I still believe that the Texans old nemesis, Colts, are not going to be the same team without Manning at the helm. Without seeing exactly what the draft will produce the Texans, anything said here is subject to change once all is said and done. Let's first look at divisional rivals.

 Well, Andrew Luck sure does have a growing fan base. Though I cannot see the colts being much worse than they were in the 2011 season, I can't see them being an automatic playoff team based on a single rookie QB addition. Don't get em wrong, Luck is looks to be a great QB for the future of any team he may end up playing for but I see too many people hatching his eggs before they hatch. As a young guy playing his first year in the NFL, Luck will have his hands full keeping the Bulls On Parade off his tail in the backfield. He's going to have a very heavy cram session on how to work the pocket under NFL defenses. Rookie QBs are often the target of any pro defense.

 I still feel that Tennessee will be the Texans division rival to beat for the foreseeable future. Chris Johnson did come off his best season in 2011 and might have a chip on his shoulder going into 2012. Matt Hasselbeck is not someone to sneeze at, either. With a fair defensive showing, the Titans could give the Texans a tough time but I can't see Titans shutting down the Texans. Confidence is still high against, what looks to be, the strongest foe in the division.

 What can I say about Jacksonville? MJD is a beast but what else do they have to offer? Gabbert wasn't exactly the most confident QB the Texans faced in 2011. With the Texans defense expecting to be even more potent in the pass rush for 2012, I'm not seeing much concern when facing the glitter kitties but then, a championship level team cannot afford to not show respect for any team they go up against. I don't expect much resistance from JAX but the Texans still need to go full force both at home and on the road against these guys.

 Let clump the AFC East together. The Dolphins didn't really show their "A" game in 2011 and I honestly do not see much chance for notable improvement in 2012. The Bills just got a great defensive boost with Mario Williams but overall, I have to give that match-up to the Texans. The Jets do not impress me. Sanchez, in my humble opinion, needs to find a team better suited for his skill set. I truly do not think he likes the scheme they run there and it's shown in his reduced productivity in 2011. Tebow isn't really going to much of a threat in the air but in the potential wildcat formations, he could bring some life to this Jets offense. The real threat against this division would be the Brady bunch. I can see a high scoring game simply due to the efficiency of each offense but when it comes down to brass tacks, the Texans defense should help prevail but I cannot lie, this is a toss up that I can't feel comfortable calling until the game is underway.

 Between Denver and Baltimore, it's anyone's call on these match-ups. Going to Denver with the thin air and facing Manning, who knows this Texans team as well as any opposing QB can, this will be a knock down drag out fight to the finish. The same type of game should be expected against Baltimore at home. I can see the defenses being close to equals as long as Reed stays healthy. I see the possibility of Houston winning their first game against the Ravens in 2012, though it's going to be a/the game to watch.

 The NFC challenges should be interesting. Who doesn't want to see a couple good defensive show downs? Let's see who is more terrifying, Brian Urlacher or Brian Cushing. Both these guys can be described as holy terrors on the field so, yeah, let's see how that game turns out. The running game between the teams in the Texans/Bears match-up will also make this a heated game. Or, should I call it an all out brawl?

 Let's take a look at the battle of the hair game against the NFC, too. Between Mathews and Reed, we'll all be wondering if the same guy just changes uniforms with the flowing blonde locks flowing in the wind (Though, Connor has the best hair, hands down). In all seriousness, though, we are going to see a street fight in this game with both teams having highly efficient offenses. With all due respect for Mathews, I have to give the overall defensive power to the Texans.

 I see the Vikings home game going well for Houston. Yes, Minnesota does have a pretty solid offensive line but they will need to be on top of their game coming into Reliant Stadium. The home crowd gives the Texans the edge in this game.

 Detroit, I think, is gonna get ugly. Going into the Lions Den cannot be pretty. Detroit showed promise in the 2011 season and there is no reason to think they will just roll over and play dead in 2012. The passing game will probably be as strong or stronger and the Lions have become a very physical team. I see this game having a lot of penalty calls as the Texans are also very physical and tempers may fly. If the Texans keep their cool, that might be their best bet to keep things in their favor. If Detroit can be allowed to penalize themselves into submission, they could help defeat themselves.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A lot been going on!

So many things frying up!

 Since my last installment... Where to begin? Super Mario has gone to the Bills, Joel Dreesen to Denver, Brisiel to Oakland and to everyone's surprise and amazement DeMeco Ryans was traded to the Eagles. Each of those teams just got a little bit better and I wish each of these players the best of luck. KC should also be added to the list for picking up Eric Winston. He was released before my last post but found a new home with the Chiefs. I feel they will be very happy with this acquisition. Oh, and Laurence Vickers to the Cowboys? I have to call Blasphemy on that one.

 As sad as the past is, it is more important for us to look toward the future. It's great to have retained center Chris Myers. The man is the O-Line anchor and under his leadership, I doubt the Texans will see much of a drop after losing a few key players on either side of Myers. Last years "Next man up" theme may very well start in the pre-season. By that, I mean, the next guy in line tends to step up and preform with great intensity and effectiveness. So far, Rick Smith and the Texans coaching staff have proven to have a good eye for the new guys.

 The Texans have grown to be known for their draft picks over the last several years. I have no doubt that this year will be any different. Sure, I have my favorites but I am not a decisions making part of the equation. Luckily, most of the mock drafts have my picks leading as a Texans wish list pick up. Most noticeably, Kendall Wright. You all know I've brought him up more than once.

 Cap space has been a huge part to all that has gone on in the last month. For previous Texans players (who will remain nameless) that have talked about the Texans being "too cheap" to keep them, nothing could be further from the truth. If the Texans were all that cheap, they wouldn't be over the cap every year forcing them to lose good/great players. The salary cap has been and will continue to be the Achilles heel of any organization holding highly talented players on their rosters. I have no doubt that Mr. McNair would pay many players more than they currently make if he was able to do so without having to gut the rest of the team in order to do it.

I am looking forward to what is to come once draft candidates start signing with teams and maybe a few late FA pickups by the Texans. This should be a fun ride going into training camp then into pre-season.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Chiming in before all the cuts and drafts

 Well, I'm sure everyone has heard about the big deal made with Mr. Foster. The man is worth every penny, and then some. Now lets turn our eye to Myers, Brisiel, Dreessen and Williams. Not sure about everyone else but only two of those four stand out as needed for their positions and that would be Myers and Dreessen.

 Brisiel is very good at his position but we really haven't seen a major drop off there when he has been out. Caldwell has stepped in and done a more than acceptable job and costs less then keep Brisiel. I hate to see even the slightest drop off but when we need to make bigger improvements at position like wide receiver than we would see drops on the O-line, we might need to make the sacrifice to make the over-all team, better.

 Williams would be my biggest disappointment in the area of releases. Williams is an exceptional player and dominates his position with unbelievable power and speed, when he is healthy. As much as I'd love to see him stay with the Texans to help bring fear to any offense they come up against, the new defensive scheme has proven that it can perform exceptionally with out him. Granted, we do better with Williams but a single player is not required to maintain a defense in the top 3 across the entire NFL. The Texans flipped between 2nd and 1st all last year and will do better this year, even without Williams, as the group will have more time to absorb more of the Wade Phillips style 3-4. The price tag that follows Williams is the killer.

 After signing a big contract with Foster, we will need to open up some money to cover a solid WR, hopefully, in the first round. The best that the Texans will probably be able to pick up will more than likely be Kendall Wright, and that is nothing to frown about. After watch Mr. Wright's game footage and see the body control and ball concentration that this young man has, he would make a huge improvement to the Texans long ball capacity and help not only stretch the field but also to widen it. With Johnson on one side and Wright on the other plus the proven TEs the Texans already posses, opposing defenses will have to stay on their toes. Let's not forget the two headed monster the Texans have coming out of the backfield.

 After my previous post, You all know how I feel on the corner position. Jones would make a great addition to the other side of the ball. Jackson needs to find other fields to work on. I know that sounds harsh but I know way too many people backing me to worry about making that statement.

 Again, I welcome comments as long as we keep it civil. I'll even respond to questions and, please, help keep this alive. Donations will help me have more time to research and compose.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Jacoby Jones Experiment?

Jacoby Jones Experiment?

Before anyone starts freaking out I'd like to start by saying this post is entirely of my own design and that I have no ties with or influence over the Texans organization so, this is not something that's even being considered (to the best of my knowledge) by the team or coaching staff.
After looking over footage and remembering back to various plays over the last couple seasons, I think the Texans need to keep Jacoby Jones, if all parties are willing to take the chance and make the move. Hear me out. There is no question that Jacoby is fast, has a good reach and solid vertical jump. Add to this soup of talent a coached aggression and ability to keep up with just about any route runner in the league and I think you have the makings of a great corner back!

Remember that everyone was looking to slash Glover Quin from the roster after the 2010 season for some really rough ending plays that cost a couple of games. Well, they tried an experiment to see what he could do at the safety position and he did really well. One of the biggest things in any sport is recognizing where to put who so the team can benefit from their strengths so, I say we should try another experiment in 2012.

I know I will have some people ready to jump all over me for even bringing this up but if you take the time to think about it, the move would make sense. Jacoby has all the makings of a tremendous corner. He is capable of catching the ball and making amazing runs after reception. Granted, one of the reasons I am hearing 'fans' talk about letting him go is due to some of his rougher games such as the 1 out of 11 passes caught and the missed punt catch in the playoffs. As a corner, he isn't required to catch the ball to make the big plays, he just has to make it to the ball and touch it so the other guy can't catch it. If he catches it and makes a play after contact with the ball, all the better, and it's something he has proven more than capable in doing.

If Jacoby is willing to make that transition, I think it would be worth the time to try and convince Kubes and Phillips to give it a go. Kareem Jackson isn't doing it opposite J-Joe but I think Jacoby could be great working the other side.

Remember, I always welcome comments pro or con but this is something I honestly think would work out for everyone. Please keep any comments civil.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It was a great run

Maybe a little respect, finally?

  I had to take a couple days to reflect on the season and how it ended. I'm going to take a shot, first of all, to some "fans" (I use that term loosely) and their reactions to a certain player before giving my, hopefully, inspirational post.

I don't care how big a mistake is, the behavior I saw on the news was unacceptable. You can look at the film of the game and see that Jacoby Jones was already beating himself up in the worst possible way. The man has played his heart out. I'm not going to lie and say he's been 100% in every game he's played but t6he man has made huge plays and had great games. Regardless of his record, death threats and burning of jerseys on the mans property is going completely out of bounds. I am ashamed of this type of behavior from this city. I grew up in this city and have never seen such retched behavior. I hope those people are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Now to the rest of the post. This was certainly a powerful year for the Texans organization. I don't recall ever hearing of a team taking so many key loses to field personnel and still making it to the second round of the playoffs, especially the QB and primary receiver.

TJ has earned the title of future of the Texans even if he has to back up Schaub for another year or two while building knowledge and experience on the NFL. I don't know what is to come of Mr. Yates. After giving an impressive and respectable start to his pro career, I'm sure there are some team looking to rebuild that might be drooling over such a young man and his potential. Honestly, I think Kubiak would be insane to let this man go without a fight. Yates could continue developing under Schaub or he could be thrown to the dogs to rebuild on his experience on the fly. Either would probably be effective. Still, if Yates were moved to the top of the list (I do not see Kubiak making that move, just yet) I think Schaub should be offered an assistant coaching position to help develop the kid.

I know it nay seem that I am advocating replacing Sachaub but that is not where I am going. I'm just living in the reality of the NFL and the fact that personnel changes can and do happen for the good of the team and people with far more experience and knowledge of the game, than I, make these decisions and I am looking at possibilities. It would just be a horrible change to let such potential as Mr. Yates just walk away.

At wide receiver, Andre being out for most of the season forced the team to understand that they cannot allow themselves to rely on a single man to make big plays and "take us all the way". I take nothing from Andre Johnson, he is a superb athlete and amazing receiver. The reality of the situation is that one man cannot be expected to take on that role for the long ball. Walter is great as well but to get to the point, the Texans need to build on that position. Now comes the constructive criticism for Jacoby.

Jacoby Jones is fast. The man has moves. He does have two major issues that can be corrected, though. 1) is his lack of ability to let the last play go. 2) He needs to better develop situational awareness. Let's look at 1. If Jacoby starts off with a good play or two, he continues to build on his own momentum. That is a great trait to have. Where I have noticed is that he is overly critical of himself and if he starts off a game with 1 or 2 rough plays, he holds on to it the rest of the game, that is dangerous for himself and the team. The first point is something that Jacoby will have to work on as part of who he is as a person, the second is something that can be coached. He can be kept as a work in progress or...

Mario! Don't think wrong about how this starts but Super Mario is the beast that this defense needs to keep things going in the right direction. Brooks Reed stepped in and did a wonderful job. We need to find a way to keep his talent on the field but Mario really needs to be put back in his old place and with Barwins productivity, he needs to stay on the field. Money needs to be spent and I understand that some people will need to go to open the wallet and still stay within the salary cap.

Foster must get paid! I hate to stir something like this up but the man has earned a paycheck. something positive needs to happen for this man by way of contract. Bob McNair seems like a good guy but he needs to understand that losing talent (See: Leach) as a result of having a tight wallet can come back to haunt you. If we want to make it to the Superbowl next season, we need to retain and build on the solid talent we have.

Keep in mind, I'm no professional trained analyst, I just call it as I see it. Sometimes, that's what we need to make good decisions ;o)

Enjoy the off season, guys, you've earned the rest and will needed. Next year you will have a couple more games to win. 

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Still a lack of respect for Houston

Texans win first playoff game in franchise history but everyone is talking about the Saints?

The Saints have been there and done that. It's really not big news that they would have won in the first round of the playoffs. The Texans, on the other hand,  have fought tooth and nail working through losses of one key player after another to make an improbable appearance in the in the playoffs only to win, big, in the first round. Still, any news organization not in or around Houston want to talk about the Saints win.

At some point, the nation will have to come to terms that the Texans have finally shaken off the baby shoes of being the newest expansion team to a force to take seriously. As happy as the team and the city of Houston are about Saturdays playoff win, we can't take our eyes off the ball.

We need to keep a one up, one down attitude through the playoffs. One game up, one game down with a 'W' in end. Making our way through the playoffs we must focus on the fact that every team we play next will be more difficult than the last as they are the next team for good reason. Never lose respect for the potential of ANY team. Also, never fear what what we can do. The Texans have proven they know how to do what needs to be done but must not lose track of the fact that every team they play also has learned what they must do. We just have to be confident but not cocky about what we know.

Next Sunday we go to Baltimore to play a team that has found a way to hurt us in the regular season. It's time to show we are better than we were, then. Rice made a mockery of us in our last meeting and talked smack the whole game. This game gives new meaning to the concept of going into their house and punching them in the mouth to make a statement of our own. Mr. Rice needs to learn what it is to be humbled and not to talk too much to the wrong people.

Flacco looks like he needs to get out and run more. The Texans D should act as his personal trainer and make sure he feels he has to run for his life the whole game. Get that heart pumping, Joe! Texans corners and safeties need to look for gifts thrown down field and make sure those gifts are returned. None of this will be an easy task but the sweat and the pain will be well worth it when you walk off that field knowing 53 more guys now have good reason to show you respect in the future.

Let's go Texans. It's time to do work!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Heading into the playoffs

Let's stick with it!

We are going to stick with the "Can't go into the playoffs timid" theme for the post. As is known, there are individual players on the Texans teams that have playoff time and Superbowl rings. Those will be the "pace cars" for the rest of the team heading into the playoffs.

From what I've heard, the Texans have been making changes and additions to their playbook. New moves are always good in post season, no one will have had time to learn or defend against them. Not sure if my previous posts had anything to do with things I've heard over the past week but it's good to know the organization is thinking along the lines of opening things up and tweaking things to fit the people on the field.

I hate to maker predictions in post season mainly because every team makes drastic changes to how they do things. However, in this case, I see no reason the Texans cannot win the first round. Both teams are playing with rookie QBs. Dalton has more time in the pros as a starter than Yates but The Texans, under Yates, did pull out a last minute drive the last time they met for a win, in the Bengals house.

Besides the rumors of new plays and improvements in practice, the Texans will have A. Johnson back which will heavily improve the long ball capability of the Houston Offense. This will force the Bengals defense to open up space at the line in order to cover 'Dre  and the Bengal D hasn't been all that exciting against the run, as it is. Spreading the ball around might be a bit easier for the Texans especially with a healthy James Casey tossed into the mix. Casey can help keep the TE positions fresh in the games by giving more options to switch people out and still be effective in the air.

Do I really even need to bring up the Texans Defense? Honestly, they have played a little more conservative in the last few regular season games but we can hardly expect that type of attitude going into the post season. These guys will be pumped! Cushing plays best when he feels he has been wronged. Getting snubbed for the Pro bowl has apparently brought out the beast in him. According to Antonio Smith "He's (Cushing) going to destroy everyone".

Speaking of Smith, his "Ninja" persona has been bitten by a werewolf as he will, in post season, turn into the "Lycan Wolf Ninja". Lycans are far different than werewolves as the Lycan wolves are more wolf like with a human stance and much stronger/muscular in appearance.

Considering these two getting pumped then add the wild man beast, Connor Barwin and Mr. Wild hair rookie freaks of natures Watt and Reed and I'm not so sure I'd want to be an offensive back going into the AFC post season if I had to face these guys.

I am not one to leave out those that will make a difference but the guys I have mentioned are the ones I've heard the most from in recent weeks. I take nothing from any of the other guys and if ANYONE think DeMeco Ryans won't be a force to recon with, you might want to reconsider your thought processes.

All that being said. I can't find a timid link from anyone that will be on the field come Saturday. Let's just open up the playbook and get nasty, this is the dawn of the age of the Texans!