Sunday, January 06, 2013

Texans, Patriots rematch (Playoff addition)

 If writing were my primary job, I'd be updating far more often, unfortunately, I've missed opportunities to provide the posts I'd like to have made. Well, here we are back in the second round of the playoffs, again.

 "The Brady Bunch" has weaknesses but everyone has to be on top of their game if they want to exploit those weaknesses. Special teams can continue as they have in the last part of the season (Minus a few penalties) but there needs to be some movement with the offense and defense to make the biggest impact against this Patriot team.

 I'll sound like a broken record when discussing the offensive attack. Score early and score often. The Texans must grind down the clock with the offense and find a way to put 7s on the board every chance they get. This will probably be done best with an explosive ground game and quick, short passes just to move the chains. The Texans must keep their defense fresh to the very end of the game, especially with all the injuries to so many starters.

 To keep things simple, the offense has two goals in this up coming game against the Patriots. Score with every possible opportunity and hold on to the ball as long as possible.....KEEP BRADY OFF THE FIELD!

 The defense has to stay with the "Bulls on Parade" mentality. To keep Brady from taking advantage of his key players, the back field must stick to their guy like glue, unless the ball goes somewhere else. What do I mean by that? Corners safeties and inside linebackers need to back each other up while stumping their primary assignments.

 Brady is a quick strike QB. One thing Brady does well is get rid of the ball, fast. Key? Don't let him. Do not give the tight ends or backs any breathing room off the line. Those guys thrive of catch and run in the check downs and design short plays. The Texans secondary must keep Brady searching for open targets and cut his ability to find them.

 Second responsibility for the secondary will be to back each other up. Once the ball is in the air, attack the ball....even if that means leaving the guy they are covering in order to back up their brother in arms. It's a nice maned coverage that morphs into zone tackling as the play evolves.

 As for the front guys, do what (Watt) you do. Attack the man with the ball. If Brady is holding on long enough, well.....need I say more? Aside from introducing Brady to the turf as often as possible, watch for the runs and scrambles. When doing a Pinch attack, keep an inside linebacker or Safety ready to come up the middle. It's nice to collapse the pocket from both sides but the middle seems to be the weak point of a pinch.

 Well, that's my 2 cents. I guess I'm about as qualified to as any other arm chair QB with a keyboard. As I say all the time. I just call it as I see it.