Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Jacoby Jones Experiment?

Jacoby Jones Experiment?

Before anyone starts freaking out I'd like to start by saying this post is entirely of my own design and that I have no ties with or influence over the Texans organization so, this is not something that's even being considered (to the best of my knowledge) by the team or coaching staff.
After looking over footage and remembering back to various plays over the last couple seasons, I think the Texans need to keep Jacoby Jones, if all parties are willing to take the chance and make the move. Hear me out. There is no question that Jacoby is fast, has a good reach and solid vertical jump. Add to this soup of talent a coached aggression and ability to keep up with just about any route runner in the league and I think you have the makings of a great corner back!

Remember that everyone was looking to slash Glover Quin from the roster after the 2010 season for some really rough ending plays that cost a couple of games. Well, they tried an experiment to see what he could do at the safety position and he did really well. One of the biggest things in any sport is recognizing where to put who so the team can benefit from their strengths so, I say we should try another experiment in 2012.

I know I will have some people ready to jump all over me for even bringing this up but if you take the time to think about it, the move would make sense. Jacoby has all the makings of a tremendous corner. He is capable of catching the ball and making amazing runs after reception. Granted, one of the reasons I am hearing 'fans' talk about letting him go is due to some of his rougher games such as the 1 out of 11 passes caught and the missed punt catch in the playoffs. As a corner, he isn't required to catch the ball to make the big plays, he just has to make it to the ball and touch it so the other guy can't catch it. If he catches it and makes a play after contact with the ball, all the better, and it's something he has proven more than capable in doing.

If Jacoby is willing to make that transition, I think it would be worth the time to try and convince Kubes and Phillips to give it a go. Kareem Jackson isn't doing it opposite J-Joe but I think Jacoby could be great working the other side.

Remember, I always welcome comments pro or con but this is something I honestly think would work out for everyone. Please keep any comments civil.