Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm still alive!

I just want to say that the last few months have been very difficult times for me. I have been dealing with some personal family issues. Not all is lost though. Things are beginning to calm down a bit now. I hope to become more active in my posts here and in other forums.

I have recently been invited to be a contributor to a new political website. It looks to be a good project and I have hope that it will grow into a much visited site. I am not the host but was one of few people that were requested to be one of the first contributors to the site. It is a politically neutral site with a range of political views and ideas.

People can join the site and post comments (respectfully) to the posts made. To become a contributor, you must gain respect points and have a few referrals from current contributors. The site address is It is not yet complete but should be in the coming weeks. It is a very new site and has only a few articles posted now but that will change soon.

I have read things from some of the current contributors in the past and they are all strong thinkers. If you check out the site, keep in mind that people there have varying ideas. If you like what one or some of the people think, you can keep track of them and their posts.

I will be working toward more research and posts once I settle some line issues with my internet connection. I just wanted people to know that I am still alive. I look forward to working on new posts for my blogs here and articles for the forum notes above. It would be nice to get more input from viewers. If you have comments or thoughts about anything you read here or in the New Estate, please feel free to speak up. The only request is that you be tactful and courteous.

Hope to be back up to full speed soon. Talk to ya later.

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