Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ron Paul and the Libertarian idea. Keep the fire burning!

This is not an official press release but a chance to talk about a man that has done quite a bit to bring my party into the mainstream media (Whether intentional or not), Dr. Ron Paul. Feel free to reproduce this post in part or in it's entirety but please provide proper citation to the original source, thank you.

Ron Paul has done quite a bit to bring the reality of Constitutional awareness back into public view. For this, I applaud Dr. Paul. In other areas, Dr. Paul's previous party affiliation (The Libertarian Party) has gotten a huge boost in the media spotlight. Again, Dr. Paul, I applaud you for your assistance to the American people to re-evaluate our Constitutional Republic and see where we should be rather than where elitist politicians have taken us.

I have to say that I can neither openly support or denounce Dr. Paul's presidential bid under the GOP as I feel either position on the matter would be a conflict of interest for me as a Congressional candidate under a different political affiliation than Dr. Paul. This doesn't mean I have to ignore his contributions in building a base of Constitutional awareness.

Dr. Paul has been a powerful instrument in raising awareness for the need to overtly change the tax system of America. Our current system allows for bloated government that is overly intrusive in the lives of Americans. The Federal Government uses it's fiscal power to influence and even, in many cases, forcefully coerce states into doing what the Federal Government wants. It is the job of the Federal Government to provide for the common defense and to act as a representative of the collective states to the rest of the world, not to be a controlling factor in how the states are governed.

The Federal Government has overstepped it's boundaries on a consistent basis for almost a century. It's time that this body of government is put back in its place. I applaud Dr. Paul in injecting the Libertarian view of smaller government into the mainstream media. Many functions currently performed by the Federal Government should be left in the hands of state and local governments. This is not an opinion but a fact.

Education is the number one issue of importance. No Child Left Behind – a joint effort of the Republicans and Democrats – should be repealed. As a part of the common defense, because an un-educated and/or under educated populous is easy to manipulate by potential domestic enemies (Which is what our elected officials are suppose to defend against), education should be funded, at least partially, by the government. However, government should NOT legislate education, especially on the federal level. Curriculum should be left to education professionals that have experienced what it is to be in a classroom and know what it takes to make a difference in a child's life. It can be suggested that private entities, including but not limited to small businesses and personal donations, should be able and encouraged (Not legislated) to invest in the education process to improve future employee candidates and build a better community. The Federal Department of Education should be abolished and responsibility of education handed over to the state and local communities. This will allow for smaller, more manageable, bodies of educators to be more productive in reaching our nations youth and helping to build pride and self reliance for their future.

Taxation is a burden for everyone. We must take responsible steps toward reducing the need of excessive taxation. Dr. Paul is a strong advocate for reducing the Federal Government and I have to say that I agree with that sentiment. By streamlining the Federal government and providing more control to the individual states, the need for excessive taxation is greatly reduced. By looking to encourage private entities to invest in projects to help their communities, we will reduce the need for conditional funding by the government. That's right; our government puts conditions of what we can do with our own tax dollars in our communities. The people must take the power of the dollar back in order to properly place funding where it needs to be.

I'm not trying to write a book, here, so I will leave this as it is. I think I have made my point. Dr. Paul has re-opened the American people's eyes to Constitutional duties and obligations. Let's keep the momentum going. Whether you agree with Dr. Paul on every issue or not, the idea getting back to our Constitutional foundation where people are free to make a life for themselves and their families has been re-ignited. Let’s keep the flame burning and build a better America, the way our founding fathers would want us to.

Mike Taylor

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