Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kudos to donorschoose.org and Stephen Colbert

I would like to give kudos to http://www.donorschoose.org and Stephen Colbert for promoting the private assistance to funding education in America. This effort is being done by utilizing one of the most media churning event in the U.S., a Presidential election year.

Funding education is extremely important to a free society. I have said many times that an uneducated or under-educated populous is far too easy to control and manipulate. The efforts of Mr. Colbert, through the Web site http://www.donorschoose.org, has raised immense amounts of money to help education in America. I only hope the giving spirit of giving continues to the learning process once this election year is over.

I believe it needs to be stressed that individuals and local companies can help build education in America. Local companies can provide not just funding but also volunteer to help teach young people through work programs setup with local schools and school districts for of-age eligible teens. This helps improve the future employee choices for employers by giving more qualified workers to the work force. This will also help these young people to develop a feeling of accomplishment and give them a sense of self worth at an early age.

Please visit http://www.donorschoose.org and donate under the name of your candidate of choice. Our future depends on a well educated population.

Mike Taylor for Congress. U.S. House TX-18


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