Thursday, October 02, 2008

Effects of Ike

Mike Taylor for U.S. Congress TX-18

Effects of Ike


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am very proud of the city of Houston regarding the community response to hurricane Ike. I, like most of Houston and the surrounding areas, have been without power, cable and phone since we were hit.

I also wish to make note of the heartless use of this disaster to garner political gain. It’s disgusting to see TV Ads being paid for with political campaign funds from people like John Cornyn. I saw an Ad were he was talking about relief funds and then openly had the disclaimer that the Ad was paid for by his campaign and approved by him. I’m not running against Cornyn so this is not an attack against my opponent. I am simply pointing out an obvious fact that Cornyn is taking advantage of his position as an incumbent to make allegations that he is the only one that would do something to help the community struck by disaster. It’s sickening to me and I hope I am not alone.

Another person that has taken full advantage of the chance to jump in front of every TV camera in her district is my opponent. One has to ask, if this were not an election year, would Sheila Jackson Lee even bother making a statement? I would say no. When Rita caused damage and loss of homes in 2005 (Not an election year) I never heard a peep from Mrs. Jackson Lee. She never made so much as a radio sound bite for the people affected by the high winds from Hurricane Rita. Nothing!

As a U.S. Representative Mrs. Jackson Lee has ZERO authority to do anything. Once a national disaster has been announced, recovery efforts are performed and authorized by state and local governments in concert with the President of the U.S. and federal disaster recovery agencies. The house and senate members have ZERO say in anything unless as bill is presented to provide funding for recovery costs. Even then, congressional members cannot promise anything not provided in such a bill.

Mrs. Jackson Lee, while playing her game of “find any active camera”, is doing nothing more than getting in the way of city and state officials trying to do their jobs in such a crisis. She is, in essence, abusing her power as an incumbent to gain political favor through free media coverage in an election year. This is a luxury that none of her opponents have. The same goes for Mr. Cornyn.

Abuse of incumbency and taking advantage of a crisis situation is deplorable. These people should be ashamed of themselves. I am ashamed to admit that these people keep their jobs as my representatives in light of these events. Mayor White, a fellow Democrat with Mrs. Jackson Lee, has been more than happy to help his fellow Democrat find every spotlight available. He, too, has shown willingness to abuse his incumbency for the advancement of his fellow party members. I imagine he will eventually seek high offices once his term as mayor has expired and he is making sure he stays in good favor with his party.

Even if you do not vote for me, I would encourage you vote for anyone but the incumbents during this election year. Many of them have been in office too long and their only purpose to keep their jobs. They no longer have the welfare of the people in mind and have completely self-serving in their positions.

Mike Taylor

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