Friday, March 09, 2012

Chiming in before all the cuts and drafts

 Well, I'm sure everyone has heard about the big deal made with Mr. Foster. The man is worth every penny, and then some. Now lets turn our eye to Myers, Brisiel, Dreessen and Williams. Not sure about everyone else but only two of those four stand out as needed for their positions and that would be Myers and Dreessen.

 Brisiel is very good at his position but we really haven't seen a major drop off there when he has been out. Caldwell has stepped in and done a more than acceptable job and costs less then keep Brisiel. I hate to see even the slightest drop off but when we need to make bigger improvements at position like wide receiver than we would see drops on the O-line, we might need to make the sacrifice to make the over-all team, better.

 Williams would be my biggest disappointment in the area of releases. Williams is an exceptional player and dominates his position with unbelievable power and speed, when he is healthy. As much as I'd love to see him stay with the Texans to help bring fear to any offense they come up against, the new defensive scheme has proven that it can perform exceptionally with out him. Granted, we do better with Williams but a single player is not required to maintain a defense in the top 3 across the entire NFL. The Texans flipped between 2nd and 1st all last year and will do better this year, even without Williams, as the group will have more time to absorb more of the Wade Phillips style 3-4. The price tag that follows Williams is the killer.

 After signing a big contract with Foster, we will need to open up some money to cover a solid WR, hopefully, in the first round. The best that the Texans will probably be able to pick up will more than likely be Kendall Wright, and that is nothing to frown about. After watch Mr. Wright's game footage and see the body control and ball concentration that this young man has, he would make a huge improvement to the Texans long ball capacity and help not only stretch the field but also to widen it. With Johnson on one side and Wright on the other plus the proven TEs the Texans already posses, opposing defenses will have to stay on their toes. Let's not forget the two headed monster the Texans have coming out of the backfield.

 After my previous post, You all know how I feel on the corner position. Jones would make a great addition to the other side of the ball. Jackson needs to find other fields to work on. I know that sounds harsh but I know way too many people backing me to worry about making that statement.

 Again, I welcome comments as long as we keep it civil. I'll even respond to questions and, please, help keep this alive. Donations will help me have more time to research and compose.

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