Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back to business

 Took some time off during the draft and trades that followed 'cause well, one more commentator on all that would have been too much to handle. After all, who really made accurate predictions during that time? Sure, there were obvious moves after the draft and surprise landings for some that were simply let go.

 Though I still think we should have kept him and moved him to the other side of the ball (as a corner) where he would have had the best impact on the field, Jacoby Jones has officially been released by the Texans and signed with play-off rivals, the Ravens. Some Ravens fans seemed excited about the move as they are short in play making talent in the WR and return positions. I wish Jacoby the best of luck as he did land with a respectable team.

 On too the young guys. We fans will have to learn the new players this year. With 8 draft picks and several undrafted FAs moving around the field and sidelines, we will need to learn more than just names but the players. Many Texan fans, myself included, have great expectations for the 2012 team with the pickups in free agency and the draft. The players just need to show us who they are.

 Mercilus looks to be a driving force on the defense and will help keep the pass rush fresh on the field while striking fear into the eyes of just about any QB in the league. We already know who we have from last season so let's keep an eye on the additions. Brady James might not be a rookie but he is new to the team. We all know his potential and adding him to the mix should prove a devastating supplement to existing talent. Having Crick's availability tossed into the mix, QBs and RBs will have a rough time of getting anything out of the backfield. J-Joe might get bored if a ball can't make it out of the passers hand. I feel good about the Texans D going into the 2012 season.

 The offense looks to have made some positive changes, as well. Most notably would be at the WR position. Posey has shown the capacity to make big plays in his college years. Though he has hit a few off field bumps in the road to the NFL, I can't see where those will affect his game play or team interaction as he has a solid record of being a team player and doing what is needed on the field to help, not only himself but, his team. He seems to be a selfless man that thinks about those around him above himself. The man risked his future to help his mother. After doing so, he also worked to help improve his team even though he was not allowed to participate on game day. Good skills + good character = solid long term player willing to do what it takes to make the team a success. Can't complain about this guys being brought in even though I know some still question him as a result of his senior year suspension. Sometimes, we have to look past the headlines to get the real story.

 The draft picks beyond who I've mentioned so far are not to be missed. Martin, though not the size we are use to seeing on the Texans WR roster, has insane moves with agility to make a great additions to the receiver corp and return games. Martin along with Brooks, Jones and Mondek will be welcomed addition for competition and depth on the offensive side of the ball. With the front line power coupled with speed and agility moving down field, the Texans 2012 offense looks to be a dominant part of the league in the coming season.

 Overall, I have a good deal of confidence in the Texans 2012 season. The potential there is staggering. I also wish to say welcome and good luck in your first year as a Texan. We, the fans, look forward to getting to know you guys.

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