Monday, August 12, 2013

Backup QBs in Houston

 Here we go into another season of football! y'all know I love this time of year.

 I may not have any influence over anything but I have to voice my opinion on the backup QB position the Texans are facing. I will more than likely get some negative feedback as well as positive 'cause in ANY QB controversy there will be those that have venomous support of their guy to get the bigger job.

 I'll start off by saying that I am very impressed with both of the backup guys under Schaub. I honestly feel that Yates has proven himself as a young, starter quality QB that could just use a full year as a starter to work out a few kinks. With Schaub just signing a nice little deal for a few more years with the team, I don't see a number 2 guy moving up in the ranks any time soon which is why I would like to see Keenum be the number two guy.

 I know some are probably taking a step back and thinking "Wait, you just said TJ was a starter quality QB". Yes, I did. In fact, it would be a waste, in my opinion, if TJ stuck around as a number 2 for the duration of Schaub's new contract. TJ needs to get picked up as a starter in a rebuilding season on a good team. I'd hate to see him go but I don't see him being allowed to 'move up' in a timely manor where he is.

 Regardless of what people think of Schaub (I've heard from haters and supporters) the reality is, is has the contract and ain't goin' no where any time soon. So, that being said, we need a solid young guy that needs a little more development but that already shows good promise. Keenum, I think, is that guy.

 It might be a bit late to find a team willing to buy out Yates' contract to move him into a starter position this season so it might be for the best to leave him at number 2 just to help keep him in spot light for a starter position next year. But, I can't deny the obvious progress made by Case Keenum and the scramble ability he showed while keeping composure in the pre-season opener. There was one play where he was on the run and was still able to square off the shoulders and make an impressive TD pass (I believe that was to Lestar Jean) while in motion.

 Yates will make a great starter for some lucky team and I will follow him where ever he goes and voice support but when it comes to the future of he Texans, considering contractual obligations for the near future, Keenum will end up being the future of the Texans.

 Now for the usual disclaimer. These are my personal opinions and I have absolutely zero say in any decisions made in the Texans organization. These are only my opinions and they are based on what I see from various sources including game situations as well as practice videos and interviews from the Texans organization. I'm not a professional journalist, I only play one on the internet.

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