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Response to Obama 6-29-2011

Mike Taylor for U.S. Congress TX-18

Response to Obama


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just listened to President Obama's press conference (Wed, June 29, 2011) and was not the least bit surprised by his ability to stick to his ideological stances on the economy but yet, go against his 'principles' regarding war and social issues. How Sheila Jackson Lee can follow this president like a lapdog rubber stamping almost everything the man wants to do is appalling and goes against the interest of the people of the 18th congressional district of Texas.

What is Obama's loss of understanding when it comes to job creation? Do we need to reduce taxation on the lower and middle class? Yes, that doesn't mean we have to increase taxes on the others who can build employment opportunities for Americans here at home. Obama needs to understand that one of the reasons larger corporations are moving to other nations for operations is due to the fact that they are getting taxed more than it costs to move. This is the same reason companies like Toyota and Honda open plants in non-unions states. Don't get me wrong, individuals have the right to unionize to defend themselves against poor employment practices but unions have zero business in government decision making. They have become no worse than the 'evil' corporation they were created to defend against. Let's make permanent, the payroll tax holiday. It needs to be a retirement of such a policy and not a holiday.

When it comes to war, Obama slid into office riding the anti-war tides. Since being in office, he has reduced much of what we had in Iraq by moving those troops to Afghanistan. Since then, we have achieved our stated goal of killing or capturing Osama Bin Laden. Instead of pulling our troops out, he has agreed to take out the surge troops but will leave 75,000 troops for an “indefinite amount of time” but no earlier than 2014. Obama, since taking office, has also stated a desire to keep permanent military bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Where is Sheila Jackson Lee on these issues? Again, she tends to follow this president to the ends of the Earth.

Obama made no bones about it, he will not take a direct position on the GLBT community or gay marriage. The GLBT community is a huge part of the 18th congressional district in Texas. Where has Sheila Jackson Lee been on these issues? She says she supports the GLBT community but in what way? What has she done? Where is legislation sponsored by her on issues important to this community? The Democratic Party, as a whole, has lacked any luster when taking on these social issues they tend to feed on for their incumbency.

It's time for a real change. Texas Congressional District 18 has misrepresented for long enough. Help me make that change and donate, today.

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