Friday, December 23, 2011

Changing things up a little!

Here we go, people!

I have decided to leave politics but might still pop a few things in here and there just to stir the pot, a little. I will still follow politics as it is a concern for myself and many others but will hardly be the focus of this site, moving forward.

I have seasonal interests that I have wanted to blog about for years but didn't want to open a ton of accounts, profiles or sites to discuss them all. Having run for congress, I had to keep my political posts secluded from other interests and I found that to be a bit restrictive to my thought diversity.

Fair warning! When the NFL football season is in session, that WILL be the focus of my rants. Also, I am, through thick and thin, a die hard Houston Texans fan. Grew up in Houston Texas and strongly embraced the city rivalry be tween Houston and the other football city in Texas....Dallas. I've seen it as a friendly rivalry where we can talk the worst of smack and still shake hands with a smile at the end of the day.

Other than Football season (Until a viable Spring time football league comes along) any given topic will be up from grabs. I have no problem with people suggesting topics that spawn from already discussed topics. Asking question will be good to help keep things going. Also, don't be afraid to spot a donation or two from time to time to help keep me moving (See: Donation button in upper right ;o}).

Just for the record, I will keep my other site up where politics will be more prominent. For now, at least.

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