Friday, October 05, 2012

I'm still around

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for a while. Family and work are preventing me from hoping much here. Would be nice if I could live off doing my blog so I could concentrate more on important things like football is life.

If nothing else, I'll drop a few quick obvious observations and hopefully get a chance to do some proper reviews in the near future.

JJ Watt is killing everything holding a ball. Schaub is doing a great job of spreading the ball around. Though still playing like a young rookie, Keshawn Martin is playing better receiver than Jones did. We need to fix the run game and that might have a little to do with the right side of the line. I expect that to smooth out as the season progresses, though.

Hope everyone is enjoying the 2012 Bulls on Parade. And, sorry again for this crappy post. Will work on a better article with my normal or above average substance, soon.


Tastymonkey said...

You should not be doping in any case. :-P

Tastymonkey said...
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Mike said...

What are you talking about?