Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texans need to reboot the Defense for the season

 (Be sure to read comments on Mr. Rogers toward the end of this post.)

 I have one name that comes to mind.....Bryan Brahman

 With Cushing out for the season the Texans D still has a lot of experience but what I see as a weak point is the intensity that 'Cush' brought to the field. One thing I saw, even from last season, is that Brahman has the young intensity that any team would be crazy not to use, especially when losing someone like Cushing.

 Dobbins has been around and I don't want to take anything away from him as a vet and someone that has played under Phillips in the past. I have to say, though, I am not sure if he is the starter the Texans need to replace the intensity that Cushing brought to the team, on the field.

 With JJ Watt burning up the line, It's my opinion that Bradie James, who probably has the most knowledge of Wade's defense, hold the roll of play caller while having high motor youngsters like Watt and Brahman running around like mad-men putting fright in the hearts of opposing offenses. Mix up the experience and youth to get the best of both worlds. Most of all, have fun.

 One thing I would like to add to this post is the comments made by Rogers after the end of Sunday night football. I should probably say the lack of comment made. When asked about the game, he completely shunned his opposing team. Talked up how he was still great and how his team made great plays did he not recall the pressure brought on? Did he not recall hitting the ground a few times and even losing his helmet when going down at one point?

 My question to Mr. Rogers is, why couldn't you acknowledge the play of the defense that kept you on the run? When I played football, or any sport for that matter, there was always acknowledgement of the other team and anything good they may have done, even if it was a blow out. That's just good sportsmanship. I appreciate the history and legacy of the Green Bay organization. I cannot take that away from them. Though Rogers shows to be an efficient player, I can't say I appreciate his apparent lack of sportsmanship and professionalism.

I understand that Rogers was not happy about his critics and anyone who's ever played any form of sport will know that everyone goes through a slump or just has a few bad days from time-to-time. So, I can respect and understand Rogers sending a message to those people but to, seemingly, disrespect the team he just won against in the process? Not sure it was intended that way but it sure came across that way to me.

 As always, I'm just calling it as I see it.

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