Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Target, Patriots!

 I would like to apologize for the time between posts. Between work and family, time hasn't been on my side.

 When this season started, I had 4 games that concerned me the most. Those games would be Green Bay, Baltimore, Chicago and New England. Making it through the first 3 or those 4 with only one loss was refreshing.

 This being one of the big games in the AFC for the Texans, it is also my final big concern for the season. Sure, the Texans could drop one against the Colts or the Vikings but those will not be the confidence builders we can see from a shoot out win against Tom Brady in his own house.

 With many people still saying this is a lost cause for the Texans, they MUST go into Foxborough with a huge chip on their shoulders. There are things that can be done to help keep things moving in the right direction for Houston.

 The first thing is, stop the pass! Brady is an 'air strike commander'. I have little concern with the Texans ability to choke New England's run game to a meaningless effort but the air game is a completely different story, all-together.

 J-Joe must be healthy. If this is not the case, Jackson will have to cover Welker and the Safeties will have to work to help the less experienced corners along with the ILBs to cover New England's impressive tight end corps..

 The front 5 on the defense will need to cover the run, as usual, and find a way to not just pressure but bring down Brady. Brady can work under pressure pretty well so just 'giving him a hard time' will not disrupt his game as it would a lesser experienced QB. He needs to find himself getting up off his butt early and often.

 Besides the defensive side of he ball, Houston will need to stack up the points. Head for the end-zone at every opportunity with whatever tools are available in which to get there. I know Houston is well known for it's running game but in the case,  they need to put on a display with their receivers and tight ends.

 Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels and Arian Foster need to have the game of their lives to make sure this New England team cannot out score them.

 In short, I am still hearing a lot of people saying the Texans can't win this game. I'd sure enjoy those people being proved wrong.

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