Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Phillies Campaign Names New Press Director

Friday, July 20, 2007

Phillies Campaign Names New Press Director

Phillies 2008, the Libertarian Presidential Campaign, announced today the appointment of Carolyn Marbry as Press Director. "Marbry will give us a major enhancement of all our electronic campaigns," candidate Phillies said. Ms. Marbry, a California playwright, poet and director whose political writing drew the attention of George Phillies and his campaign staff, sees her role in the campaign as an opportunity to help Phillies and the Libertarian Party make some big changes in Washington, DC.

"So many voters are uncertain," Marbry said. With both major parties pulling to extremes and wanting to strip away freedoms, voters say they're voting AGAINST someone rather than FOR someone. "I want people to vote positively, for a candidate they believe in.

"Now is the time for a return to the old American values of less government with more personal freedom and personal responsibility. In 2008, George Phillies is the man to bring that change to Washington. So I'm very pleased and honored to accept this appointment and to offer my complete and enthusiastic support to George Phillies in his campaign for President."

Contact Information:

Carolyn Marbry, Press Director pressdirector@phillies2008.org
(510) 276-3216

George Phillies for President 2008 http://phillies2008.org

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