Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phillies: Only Libertarians Protect Your Rights

Friday, July 27, 2007

Phillies: Only Libertarians Protect Your Rights

House bill 2640, also known as the McCarthy Bill*, passed the House
of Representatives in mid-June without hearings, without controversy,
without discussion. Likewise, within the next few days, the bill is
expected to pass unimpeded through the Senate.

In the past, the Republican party has claimed to be the
guardians of Americans rights, particularly the rights of gun
owners, said George Phillies in a forthcoming statement.
But now it finds itself unable or unwilling to challenge
Congressman Carolyn McCarthy's bill and is allowing legislation
by emotion rather than wisdom.

Capitalizing on public concern following the Seung-Hui Cho murders in
April, Congressman McCarthy's bill was fast-tracked through the
House without significant debate.

When we create laws, we do so not just for ourselves but for
our children, the Libertarian candidate added. When we
give away our rights out of fear, when we chip away at the need for
due process or the definition of unreasonable search as this bill
does, we destroy freedom not only for ourselves but for the
generations that follow us.

The bill seeks to extend and reinforce the Brady Bill
intrusions into Americans personal lives, including medical
and psychological histories, to interfere with rights protected by
the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The GOP is letting this legislation go by
unchallenged, Phillies reiterated. They take donations
and volunteer time from gun owners. They do nothing in return. Only
real Libertarians such as myself actually believe in protecting the
right to keep and bear arms. Gun owners who want to protect their
Second Amendment rights need to support candidates of the only party
that will protect them, the Libertarian party.

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