Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Phillies: Government Has No Role in a Woman's Right to Choose

Monday, July 23, 2007

Phillies: Government Has No Role
in a Woman's Right to Choose

In a forthcoming statement to be released by the George Phillies campaign, the Libertarian Presidential hopeful set aside the usual questions of personal ethics and philosophy that plague both sides of the choice/life political debate and cut to the heart of the matter.

"The government has no role in this matter."

Further, Phillies took the opportunity to condemn those who use violence to promote either the pro-choice or pro-life agenda. "People who bomb abortion clinics and churches are criminals who should be brought to justice."

Phillies emphasized that he personally is unequivocally pro-choice. "The government should not force women to bear children they do not want. Nor should it compel women to have abortions. The government should not encourage or discourage one choice over another." Phillies urged that decisions about medical care including pregnancy should be entirely between the patient and her doctors.

At the same time, Phillies recognized that many Americans have ethical objections to abortions and that they are deeply pained that their tax dollars go toward funding abortions. "We should not force opponents of abortion to pay for abortions."

Phillies contrasted his libertarian position with the positions of both his conservative and liberal opponents. "Republicans want Uncle Sam or fifty state governors in your bedroom, judging your private moral decisions. Democrats want the IRS in your bedroom, making you pay for other people's private moral decisions. Only Libertarians respect your privacy in your bedroom."

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