Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Heading into the playoffs

Let's stick with it!

We are going to stick with the "Can't go into the playoffs timid" theme for the post. As is known, there are individual players on the Texans teams that have playoff time and Superbowl rings. Those will be the "pace cars" for the rest of the team heading into the playoffs.

From what I've heard, the Texans have been making changes and additions to their playbook. New moves are always good in post season, no one will have had time to learn or defend against them. Not sure if my previous posts had anything to do with things I've heard over the past week but it's good to know the organization is thinking along the lines of opening things up and tweaking things to fit the people on the field.

I hate to maker predictions in post season mainly because every team makes drastic changes to how they do things. However, in this case, I see no reason the Texans cannot win the first round. Both teams are playing with rookie QBs. Dalton has more time in the pros as a starter than Yates but The Texans, under Yates, did pull out a last minute drive the last time they met for a win, in the Bengals house.

Besides the rumors of new plays and improvements in practice, the Texans will have A. Johnson back which will heavily improve the long ball capability of the Houston Offense. This will force the Bengals defense to open up space at the line in order to cover 'Dre  and the Bengal D hasn't been all that exciting against the run, as it is. Spreading the ball around might be a bit easier for the Texans especially with a healthy James Casey tossed into the mix. Casey can help keep the TE positions fresh in the games by giving more options to switch people out and still be effective in the air.

Do I really even need to bring up the Texans Defense? Honestly, they have played a little more conservative in the last few regular season games but we can hardly expect that type of attitude going into the post season. These guys will be pumped! Cushing plays best when he feels he has been wronged. Getting snubbed for the Pro bowl has apparently brought out the beast in him. According to Antonio Smith "He's (Cushing) going to destroy everyone".

Speaking of Smith, his "Ninja" persona has been bitten by a werewolf as he will, in post season, turn into the "Lycan Wolf Ninja". Lycans are far different than werewolves as the Lycan wolves are more wolf like with a human stance and much stronger/muscular in appearance.

Considering these two getting pumped then add the wild man beast, Connor Barwin and Mr. Wild hair rookie freaks of natures Watt and Reed and I'm not so sure I'd want to be an offensive back going into the AFC post season if I had to face these guys.

I am not one to leave out those that will make a difference but the guys I have mentioned are the ones I've heard the most from in recent weeks. I take nothing from any of the other guys and if ANYONE think DeMeco Ryans won't be a force to recon with, you might want to reconsider your thought processes.

All that being said. I can't find a timid link from anyone that will be on the field come Saturday. Let's just open up the playbook and get nasty, this is the dawn of the age of the Texans!

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