Sunday, January 08, 2012

Still a lack of respect for Houston

Texans win first playoff game in franchise history but everyone is talking about the Saints?

The Saints have been there and done that. It's really not big news that they would have won in the first round of the playoffs. The Texans, on the other hand,  have fought tooth and nail working through losses of one key player after another to make an improbable appearance in the in the playoffs only to win, big, in the first round. Still, any news organization not in or around Houston want to talk about the Saints win.

At some point, the nation will have to come to terms that the Texans have finally shaken off the baby shoes of being the newest expansion team to a force to take seriously. As happy as the team and the city of Houston are about Saturdays playoff win, we can't take our eyes off the ball.

We need to keep a one up, one down attitude through the playoffs. One game up, one game down with a 'W' in end. Making our way through the playoffs we must focus on the fact that every team we play next will be more difficult than the last as they are the next team for good reason. Never lose respect for the potential of ANY team. Also, never fear what what we can do. The Texans have proven they know how to do what needs to be done but must not lose track of the fact that every team they play also has learned what they must do. We just have to be confident but not cocky about what we know.

Next Sunday we go to Baltimore to play a team that has found a way to hurt us in the regular season. It's time to show we are better than we were, then. Rice made a mockery of us in our last meeting and talked smack the whole game. This game gives new meaning to the concept of going into their house and punching them in the mouth to make a statement of our own. Mr. Rice needs to learn what it is to be humbled and not to talk too much to the wrong people.

Flacco looks like he needs to get out and run more. The Texans D should act as his personal trainer and make sure he feels he has to run for his life the whole game. Get that heart pumping, Joe! Texans corners and safeties need to look for gifts thrown down field and make sure those gifts are returned. None of this will be an easy task but the sweat and the pain will be well worth it when you walk off that field knowing 53 more guys now have good reason to show you respect in the future.

Let's go Texans. It's time to do work!

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