Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It was a great run

Maybe a little respect, finally?

  I had to take a couple days to reflect on the season and how it ended. I'm going to take a shot, first of all, to some "fans" (I use that term loosely) and their reactions to a certain player before giving my, hopefully, inspirational post.

I don't care how big a mistake is, the behavior I saw on the news was unacceptable. You can look at the film of the game and see that Jacoby Jones was already beating himself up in the worst possible way. The man has played his heart out. I'm not going to lie and say he's been 100% in every game he's played but t6he man has made huge plays and had great games. Regardless of his record, death threats and burning of jerseys on the mans property is going completely out of bounds. I am ashamed of this type of behavior from this city. I grew up in this city and have never seen such retched behavior. I hope those people are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Now to the rest of the post. This was certainly a powerful year for the Texans organization. I don't recall ever hearing of a team taking so many key loses to field personnel and still making it to the second round of the playoffs, especially the QB and primary receiver.

TJ has earned the title of future of the Texans even if he has to back up Schaub for another year or two while building knowledge and experience on the NFL. I don't know what is to come of Mr. Yates. After giving an impressive and respectable start to his pro career, I'm sure there are some team looking to rebuild that might be drooling over such a young man and his potential. Honestly, I think Kubiak would be insane to let this man go without a fight. Yates could continue developing under Schaub or he could be thrown to the dogs to rebuild on his experience on the fly. Either would probably be effective. Still, if Yates were moved to the top of the list (I do not see Kubiak making that move, just yet) I think Schaub should be offered an assistant coaching position to help develop the kid.

I know it nay seem that I am advocating replacing Sachaub but that is not where I am going. I'm just living in the reality of the NFL and the fact that personnel changes can and do happen for the good of the team and people with far more experience and knowledge of the game, than I, make these decisions and I am looking at possibilities. It would just be a horrible change to let such potential as Mr. Yates just walk away.

At wide receiver, Andre being out for most of the season forced the team to understand that they cannot allow themselves to rely on a single man to make big plays and "take us all the way". I take nothing from Andre Johnson, he is a superb athlete and amazing receiver. The reality of the situation is that one man cannot be expected to take on that role for the long ball. Walter is great as well but to get to the point, the Texans need to build on that position. Now comes the constructive criticism for Jacoby.

Jacoby Jones is fast. The man has moves. He does have two major issues that can be corrected, though. 1) is his lack of ability to let the last play go. 2) He needs to better develop situational awareness. Let's look at 1. If Jacoby starts off with a good play or two, he continues to build on his own momentum. That is a great trait to have. Where I have noticed is that he is overly critical of himself and if he starts off a game with 1 or 2 rough plays, he holds on to it the rest of the game, that is dangerous for himself and the team. The first point is something that Jacoby will have to work on as part of who he is as a person, the second is something that can be coached. He can be kept as a work in progress or...

Mario! Don't think wrong about how this starts but Super Mario is the beast that this defense needs to keep things going in the right direction. Brooks Reed stepped in and did a wonderful job. We need to find a way to keep his talent on the field but Mario really needs to be put back in his old place and with Barwins productivity, he needs to stay on the field. Money needs to be spent and I understand that some people will need to go to open the wallet and still stay within the salary cap.

Foster must get paid! I hate to stir something like this up but the man has earned a paycheck. something positive needs to happen for this man by way of contract. Bob McNair seems like a good guy but he needs to understand that losing talent (See: Leach) as a result of having a tight wallet can come back to haunt you. If we want to make it to the Superbowl next season, we need to retain and build on the solid talent we have.

Keep in mind, I'm no professional trained analyst, I just call it as I see it. Sometimes, that's what we need to make good decisions ;o)

Enjoy the off season, guys, you've earned the rest and will needed. Next year you will have a couple more games to win. 

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